This UMPC thing is really taking off… part 2

My last post reminded me of an article over at CNET recently about Elonex launching a £99 laptop aimed at students.

The British manufacturer unveiled the “One” laptop at The Education Show, in Birmingham. According to Elonex, the Linux-based laptop will boast a three-hour battery life, Wi-Fi, a flash-based hard drive, a “hard-wearing case” and a “wireless music server”, and will weigh less than 1Kg.

“The One removes the cost barrier that has prevented the one-laptop-per- person, large-scale uptake of computers in the education system that has for so long been just a pipe dream,” said Sam Goult, Elonex’s marketing manager, in a statement last week. “Investment in digital technology is paramount to help the next generation achieve their full potential.”

Elonex One website – you can now pre-order for a £10 deposit.

Yet more competition in the UMPC market, along with the OLPC (one laptop per child) initiative and Intel’s Classmate PC .

CNET Article