ASUS EEE PC – small (and cheap) is beautiful

If you look at my previous post about mobile computing, you’ll see I mentioned this small, shiny object last year, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve got my hands on a couple of them for work.

The EEE is classed as a UMPC ( Ultra Mobile Portable Computer), and features a 7″ screen, as well as wifi, a web cam and most of the key tools a normal laptop has. The key difference is the small, 4Gb flash hard-drive. However, this is plenty of storage for a machine that is designed for mobile usage.

The machine itself is a bit cramped for everyday use, but for short spells at the airport or on a train, its fantastic. In fact, the small size makes it ideal to use where room is at a premium.

 We’ve installed XP on the machines, removing the existing Linux o/s it comes with, and it runs fine. We’ve also added a 3G modem (via Vodaphone) for each one, meaning a truly portable machine.

 Out on the road they make a great replacement for a standard laptop, being much lighter and smaller, and they make a great addition to the mobile office.