Email footers – a simple promotional tool

How often do you step back and look at your marketing tool kit? Often the simple things get overlooked. Your corporate email footer is a great example of this.

How many emails does your company send out? How many of these are to customers who might be interested in your campaign?

Adding a short (i.e. a single sentence) paragraph with a strong call to action is very quick and simple way to use up the dead space at the bottom of your emails.

I’ll assume that you already have an agreed template for footers in your company. If not, start there. A footer should have all the basic contact info an individual needs, laid out in a non-obtrusive, brand-friendly way. This should be in the same format for all people in your organisation – of course legal, compliance and security will also want the usual warnings and caveats.

Your promotional message should sit below the sender’s contact details and above the blurb (no one ever reads it so won’t scroll down…).

That’s it. Simple. But…you want to track it so will need appropriate tagging added to the link – that makes it really long. So don’t forget to create a custom URL that encapsulates the URL and tracking tags into a single, short address.