How digital changes organisations

Digital changes organisations in fundamental ways. Just think about it…

We are publishers – We need to understand content marketing and strategy, how to write digitally and how to make best use of rich media and video.

We are software providers – We create self-service online software with no training and minimal support, We develop apps and design digital channel customer experiences; like Amazon, Argos, John Lewis and Google.

We are community leaders – We talk directly to our customers through social media and other channels, letting our customers create content for our websites and engaging them in real-time.

Adding digital to the strategic map

Although digital is core to every business, in reality there’s no such thing as a separate digital strategy. You need a business strategy that works in the modern digital world. Digital touches every part the organisation, both internally and externally.

To implement and run a successful digital program you need to know the environment you operate in; including industry changes, competitor activity and  customer requirements. This  then filters through your strategy to meet the needs of your target market by the propositions you create, the distribution models you use and the insight you gather.

Understand and choose how digital can support your business

But where does digital fit? Would you run customer service from IT or set up a new mini-IT team in marketing? Or publish content without proper copywriting or editing and set-up a separate digital sales department?

The truth is that it’s disruptive for organisations. It adds:

  • New skills
  • New outputs
  • New technology and
  • New business channels.
There is no single best solution as every business is different. The most important thing is that you’ve got the right skills, roles and responsibilities in place, with a clear roadmap and appropriate sponsorship at a senior level.