Social media for financial services – part 4

Can you use social media to facilitate engagement with intermediaries?

Intermediary relationships and sales are typically high-touch and are mainly established through building direct relationships with customers. With social media, you can interact with both potential leads and customers using an array of touch points. The two-way, real-time nature of these tools can lend a highly personal dimension to the relationship. And, unlike traditional marketing channels, social media allows you to engage and build relationships with customers and prospects, increasing the high touch effect.

Social media is a great way for people to actively network and build professional communities, ask questions, solve problems and share knowledge. This in turn means you can leverage these interactions to build brand, reputation and prospects.

Demonstrating thought-leadership

Social media engagements are a good platform to consistently demonstrate thought leadership. Thought leadership can help strengthen your market positioning, enhance your perceived value to clients and build greater trust and loyalty.

It can help you present insightful, compelling and even provocative perspectives. Get it right and your organisation could be acknowledged as a thought leader – the “go to“ business for a particular interest area.