Blog resuming- podcast, vodcast, holiday inn

I’m back in the saddle and will be resuming my blog. How do you like the new layout? WordPress and it’s themes are a wonderful thing – I can pretend that I designed this and am both pretty and clever.

The topics I’ll be covering in the near future are;

  • Brand – what it really means and how to measure sentiment
  • Tools and software – free and low cost options to help
  • Hardware – what’s out there and what you should spend your pennies on
  • Rich media – podcast, vodcast, holiday inn; ideas and solutions for creating immersive online presentations
  • MI – updates on what and how to measure.

I’m aiming to write a number of posts that I can pull together and stick into an eBook – if there are any topics you’d like me to cover, or you disagree with my views, please let me know!