How do customers experience your brand in the real world?

There are 5 key brand factors your customers experience in the real world. These are the three Ps and two Is:

Positioning – What does your brand stand for? What makes you different from your competitors – it could be price, features or your service.

Promise – What vision do you have for your brand? What will it do for your customers? It’s the expected benefit that creates desire for your product or service.

Personality – How does your brand speak and behave? It means assigning human personality traits & characteristics to a brand to make it stand out. People are different – brands should be too.

Identity – What do you look like? Elements of identity include the brand name and a mixture of ideas, themes, messages, logo, graphics, colours, style and tone of voice – building blocks for marketing, customer services and online communications. Your brand identity should resonate with your target audience – there’s a reason why Club 18-30 and Saga Holidays look very different.

Interaction – How do your customers experience your organisation? The interactions your customers have with your brand will help to shape their feelings towards your organisation. In today’s fragmented world this has never been truer. In a digital world your customers might never speak to or meet a real person – will they get the same experience if they speak to your call centre or visit one of your branches?

Next stop; how brand and customer experience fit together.