The debate on HTML 5 vs XHTML 2 is sure to rage on. Both have their plus and negative points and powerful support within the industry.  To me, the main thing is that we don’t end up with a “VHS vs Betamax” situation. Depending on which hat I’m wearing, I can see both sides of the argument but, overall I think I can stake my allegence with HTML 5.

 Although it has a few negative points (e.g. not killing the <font> tag), overall, its something that has been explicitly created to do a job and, potentially of more importance, has a strong compatability with older browsers, whilst allowing newer browsers to render the new features too.

In an ideal world, the 2 paths would be combined for the best of both worlds. For example using the Navigation List feature of XHTML 2 instead of the more clunky Nav tag from HTML 5.

If anyone is interested, they could also use my trademark <grid> tag, with its <gr>, <gh> and <gd> elements. If this was combined with the HTML 5 sectioning elements, we’d really be onto a winner!